The Inspiration for Our Book

DJ the Scratchy Cat, lounging cat

DJ the Scratchy Cat is based on our actual family cat, DJ. Originally, I adopted DJ from a gas station between Greenville and Clemson during the first semester of my junior year of college.

I really did forget to bring a crate for him, so the story we tell is true. DJ did run all over the car until he trapped himself under the driver seat. I don’t recommend this to anyone as it was horribly scary and I thought he was going to be stuck there. But, what started as a crazy journey, has only turned into a very fulfilling adventure.

DJ had not only grease marks all over, but also fleas, so a bath was required, which did result in lots of scratches, and my attending class that afternoon covered in bandages. However, I wouldn’t change a thing about our origin story.

DJ is not only a scratchy cat, but a very snuggly one too. At least once he knows you’re a good person, or if you’re a guy. He loves snuggling up to men, I think he just trusts them more.

We really hope you and your children, students, and loved ones enjoy our stories about DJ. We have quite a few planned and hope to bring smiles and laughter as you read through our books.