Hi, we’re JL Kirby!

You may have guessed that JL Kirby is not just one author. We’re actually sisters, Jacqueline and Lauren.

Jacqueline is the oldest and her love for writing books began when Lauren was born. As little girls, Jacqueline would write and illustrate books to read to Lauren. Who knew they would wind up writing books together as adults? Jacqueline lives in New Jersey and runs a marketing company with her husband, Mike. They welcomed their first child, Emma, 1 day after DJ the Scratchy Cat was published – talk about being an overachiever!

Lauren has also always been a writer and has an undergraduate degree in communications from The University of South Carolina with a Master’s from Wingate University. Lauren lives in South Carolina with our beloved, DJ, and his little sister, Meadow. She spends her days teaching elementary school and shaping the minds of the next generation of writers.